When to plant seedlings? Do you need to pick seedlings?

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Do you need seedlings in central Russia?

The art of the gardener and gardener begins with the ability to grow seedlings. Is it possible to do without it? You can, but it’s better not to do it and here’s why.

In the middle zone, the temperature favorable for growing most garden plants is not enough to get a good harvest. And the seedling method speeds up the process, as it were, lengthens the summer, and this applies not only to thermophilic crops with a long growing season.

Cold-resistant crops with a short growing season have the opportunity to get early production through seedlings; in heat-loving crops, the seedling method during the period of return cold weather allows you to grow plants at a more favorable time.

The same is true for ornamental crops that are grown through seedlings: they can be planted in a permanent place already in bloom.

This method is even more desirable for gingerbread plants characterized by slow seed germination and a long growing season. The seedling method allows you to reduce the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe beds on which they will then grow and require constant care for almost two and a half months.

When to sow seeds for seedlings?

Many novice gardeners are worried about the question: when to plant seeds for seedlings? In order not to ask your friends, determine the date yourself. To do this, you need to know the following:

First, the time for planting seedlings in the ground. It depends on the biological characteristics of the culture and your capabilities. For example, it is better to plant seedlings of cold-resistant crops (leeks, celery) in early May, and you can appear on the site only in mid-May – this is the period for which you need to be guided. After all, overgrown seedlings take root even worse, and it is difficult to transport it.

They orient themselves in the same way with the planting of seedlings of heat-loving crops, bearing in mind the readiness of the greenhouse or greenhouse to receive delicate plants;

Secondly, the time of growing seedlings under favorable conditions. It depends on the characteristics of the crop, potted or potless growing method and the growing area of ​​the plants. There is a term: standard seedlings. It should have a certain number of leaves, a low, thick stem, short internodes, it should not show any signs of disease or damage by pests;

Third, the number of days from sowing to germination. At optimal temperatures, seedlings of most crops appear within 4-10 days.

The optimum temperature for the emergence of seedlings of some crops:

– tomatoes – 22-28 degrees.

– pepper, eggplant – 24-28

– cucumber – 26-28

– melons, watermelon – 25-30

– stalked celery – 20-25

– cabbages -18-20

Do you need to pick seedlings?

Another question asked by gardeners: to dive or not to dive seedlings?

A pick is the planting of seedlings with one or two true leaves. This agrotechnical technique is widely used in farms that cultivate a large number of plants, since it saves space, energy resources and human labor. But for you and me, whose garden until April-May is only about a window sill, picking also has considerable advantages:

  • Usually, small boxes or other containers are used to obtain seedlings, for which it is easier to find a place in the apartment that is suitable for the temperature regime, especially since before the emergence of seedlings it should be one – higher, and after the emergence of seedlings – another, lower.
  • When diving seedlings, it is possible to more closely examine the root system and discard weak, sick, black-legged plants.
  • Since the seeds germinate in low light, they tend to stretch out. Picking seedlings to a great depth solves this problem, allowing then to grow high-quality seedlings from them.
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