What to do in the garden and garden during the waning moon

what to do in the garden and garden during the waning moon Blog

During the periods of the waning moon, the juice goes to the roots. It is recommended to carry out all work that requires good rooting or touches the soil.

The waning moon and its effect on plants

For thirteen and a half days, the moon wanes in the sky. It starts from the constellation of Taurus, the highest, to the constellation of Scorpio, the lowest. This movement is comparable to the movement of the Sun between June 21 and December 21.

Also, the juice with great energy descends to the roots and contributes to the strengthening of the root system and the restoration of plants, as well as the good preservation of all fruits.

The waning moon and its effect on plants

To find out if the Moon has descended, take some time to look at the Moon two days in a row. On the second day, you will find that the moon is sinking lower towards the horizon. Make sure you distinguish this downward movement of the moon from the downward cycle that goes from full moon to new moon. This moment is very important. We only consider ascending and descending alternation for efficient gardening. You can find out what stage the Moon is in now in the table: Calendar of the Gardener and Gardener

Fertilization during the waning moon

Use organic materials to offset what has been used by the crops. For soil, manure application occurs in Virgo, for leaves in Cancer or Scorpio, for flowers in Libra or Gemini, and for fruits in the constellation Leo.

fertilizing plants with manure

Waning moon landing

Transplant and plant during the passage of the Moon of the constellation Virgo for root crops, Cancer and Scorpio for deciduous plants, Libra and Gemini for flowering plants and Leo for fruit plants.

Pruning with a waning moon

To slow down the growth of plants and make them more compact and vigorous, prune leafy plants when the Moon passes the constellation of Cancer and Scorpio. Flowering plants in Libra and Gemini and finally fruit plants in the constellation Leo.

garden pruner

Thin out with the waning moon

A few days after germination, seedlings are thinned out in the constellation Virgo – root crops. Cancer or Scorpio – leafy vegetables, in Libra or Gemini – flowers, in the constellation Leo – fruits.

Collection of root crops

Harvest these vegetables on the descending Moon in the constellation Virgo to take advantage of the nutrient reserves of the roots.

sow carrots

Cuttings during the waning moon

It is preferable to plant cuttings at the beginning of the descending moon; engraftment often goes better. For deciduous – Cancer, Gemini for flowers and Leo for fruits.

Good luck with your work in the garden – the garden and a great harvest!

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