Tractor plowing as a way to prevent erosion

tractor plowing as a way to prevent erosion Blog

As we said earlier in our articles, improper land treatment can lead to the process of soil erosion. Let’s consider what erosion is and why it is dangerous for agricultural areas.
In the broad sense of the word, erosion refers to the process of destruction of the soil cover. In this case, depending on the cause of destruction, we distinguish between water erosion and wind erosion. Quite often the process of erosion is exacerbated by the wrong way of plowing the land with a tractor, or the direction of plowing. Choosing the right tillage attachment can either help prevent soil erosion or, conversely, exacerbate it.

Water erosion.

This erosion is divided into two types. The first type is planar erosion, when the soil is washed away in a plane, i.e., it has an area character in itself. The other type is linear, when the soil is washed away by local areas, with the formation of potholes and gullies.


During planar erosion, whole areas of fertile land are washed away and, accordingly, crop areas are reduced. At the same time, in conditions of increased precipitation, each time a certain amount of valuable soil particles is washed away from arable lands. This fact entails a decrease in the fertility of the soil, reducing the amount of useful substances in the land. For example, one heavy rain, washed away from chernozem up to one and a half tons per hectare of phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. If the erosion process is initiated, the sand and gravel layers are denuded, thereby making the area unsuitable for agriculture. The right choice of land treatment can prevent the process of erosion – that is why we recommend contacting our company to carry out field work, not only if you are new to farming, but also if you are an experienced landowner, and you do not have enough equipment. Depending on the location of the arable fields, type of soil, and climatic conditions, we will choose the right equipment, and carry out the necessary type and method of plowing the land with a tractor and other processing.

Quality plowed field for erosion prevention

Linear erosion is the main cause of gully formation. It has a particularly strong effect if there are potholes or depressions in the crop areas, which are permanent runoff during rainfall. If the soil has poor permeability, streams and potholes form which eventually lead to the formation of gullies. So what are the bad things about gullies? It is clear that due to agricultural regulations, along gullies for 20 meters, no plowing or sowing is allowed – and this is a loss of agricultural land. Moreover, if the gully is not secured, then every year its increase will lead to a permanent reduction in the cultivated area. In our country, gullies are quite widespread in the central black earth zone – and constitute a great danger for agriculture.

There are also other types of water erosion, such as river erosion, coastal erosion and irrigation erosion. In the first case, erosion occurs as a result of river overflow, in the second, as a result of an increase in the river bed and destruction of soil along the banks, and in the third case, the cause of soil deterioration is improper irrigation of the fields.

Wind erosion

Wind erosion is subdivided into everyday (local) erosion, soil blowing out and dust storms. Daily erosion refers to the daily removal of beneficial soil particles from the soil surface. The wind speed does not reach 12 meters per second. Soil blowing out and dust storms depend already on wind speed and weather phenomena. This type of erosion is mainly prevalent in steppe areas. To prevent erosion on these fields, special tillage techniques are carried out, which we discussed earlier in our articles

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Plowing the field to prevent erosion

To summarize, we can say that competent and professional land treatment can prevent or reduce the impact of the process of erosion on the crop areas. Our specialists will be happy to help you choose the right equipment for your land treatment. We comply with all agricultural regulations when plowing land with a tractor, which will allow you to get a good harvest at low prices for our services.

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