Seedlings of cabbage and the rules for its cultivation

seedlings of cabbage and the rules for its cultivation Blog

Cabbage in the country garden is a welcome guest, and on the table is an excellent vitamin product. It is stored for a long time (unless, of course, you managed to choose the right varieties for growing), so for several months you can provide yourself with a delicious vegetable with an excellent taste.

Perhaps someone will say that it is not worth growing cabbage on the site – this is a troublesome business. Like, cabbage is inexpensive, you can buy it in the store. But in principle, you cannot know what fertilizers were used and how vegetables were processed. Whatever you say, a homemade vegetable is always tastier.

Choosing cabbage seeds

Growing cabbage on your own should begin with the selection of seeds. Buy several varieties of different ripening dates at once. Early cabbage can be varieties “Dawn” and “June”, mid-season – “Belarusian”, “Sibiryachka”, “Hope” and late – “Stone Head”, “Amager”. It seems that every summer resident has his favorite varieties, which he prefers.

You are unlikely to need a lot of early cabbage, so buy 1-2 packets of seeds. This will be enough to provide yourself with fresh early vegetables. Mid-season cabbage is more than enough for you with 3 bags of small seeds. But late cabbage needs to be planted a lot! Firstly, it will be required for salting for the winter. Secondly, it is perfectly stored in the basement. If she creates the proper conditions, then cabbage can be stored until April and even longer.

To get good seedlings of cabbage, it is best to sow it in the ground immediately after the snow melts. Many summer residents grow cabbage seedlings in apartments. Frankly, it turns out bad, because the temperature regimes are not observed. Remember that your future harvest depends on the quality of the seeds, and therefore you cannot save on them. Always plant a little more seed than you need. Some plants die, others become weak and stunted. So it is better to let the seedlings be a little more than not enough. In the market, they often sin by selling seedlings of one variety, but in fact it turns out to be completely different. You should not use your seeds for seedlings – there is a high risk that the diseases that your cabbage suffered from will be transmitted to new plants. 

Avoid oversized seed bags. If you can buy a lot of cucumbers and plant them, then it is better to choose several varieties of different ripening dates at once.

Features of growing seedlings

From the moment the seeds sprout after planting, it takes about a week. As a rule, it is 4-5 days. From that moment we begin to count the degree of maturity of the seedlings. Planting of early varieties is carried out on the 45-50th day from the moment of germination, mid-season – on the 35-40th day, and the late one can be sent to separate holes, like the early one, after 50 days.

Seedlings of cabbage of early varieties can be grown on the windowsill. It’s simple and effective. When spring is late, it can be difficult to go to the country and sow the seeds. Therefore, you can safely plant seeds in pots or boxes and wait for seedlings. Mid-season and late varieties should be grown in open ground or under film. By the way, a greenhouse for these purposes is perfect!

So that the harvest is not a one-time, summer residents “cunning”. One package of seeds is divided into several parts and sown in boxes at intervals of a week. As a result, the seedlings will ripen gradually, and, therefore, will be in the ground at a given interval. Thus, it is possible to achieve a gradual ripening of the crop.

Planting cabbage seedlings will minimize the amount of unnecessary vegetables, which is very convenient for summer cottages, where it is difficult to control growth and ripening.

Soil for seedlings

If you plant seeds in boxes, then use the special soil purchased at the store. Summer cottage for these purposes is not suitable in the best way – it has very few nutrients. How to feed seedlings so that they grow better? It will be enough to make 1-2 top dressings with complex mineral fertilizers. But if high-quality soils were used, then you can not feed at all.

It is important to remember that only early cabbage is suitable for growing in boxes on windowsills. Mid-season and late varieties must be hardened. That is, sowing seeds immediately in open ground is quite justified. This can be done already in mid-April in the greenhouse. To prevent the plants from freezing, cover them with a film. By the way, in greenhouse farms, cabbage seedlings are hardened and grown at rather low temperatures – 3-5 degrees. True, after the first true leaves are formed. This is necessary so that the cabbage does not grow sharply, but remains small in size with a dense texture of the leaves. If the seedlings turned out to be too elongated and light, then this indicates that the growing conditions were violated. There will be little use from it!

How to plant seeds correctly?

As little as possible. Too dense planting will not allow plants to develop. In order for the seedlings to turn out to be dense, beautiful and on a thick leg, the seeds need to be planted quite rarely. The best option is to make a small chessboard with cell sizes of 3-5 centimeters. In the center of each such cell, we plant seeds with tweezers. When transplanting seedlings planted in this way, the roots will be minimally injured. The plants themselves will gain as much strength as necessary for optimal growth and development.

Transplanting seedlings from boxes, for example, into cups, can be carried out only after the appearance of 4 full-fledged leaves.

Of course, the best option is to plant seeds in separate small containers when it comes to growing seedlings at home.

Pests of cabbage seedlings

The main pest of cabbage seedlings is cruciferous fleas. They instantly capture young plants and destroy them. If the land was bought in a specialized store, and you intend to grow seedlings at home, you have nothing to fear. In the greenhouse, the risk of encountering this scourge is quite high. It will not be superfluous to spill the earth with boiling water several times a few days before disembarkation. If cruciferous fleas have already attacked your seedlings, use special preparations to destroy them.

Remember, if you have more cabbage last year, then next year and for another three years it cannot be planted there.

Sowing time for cabbage

Seeds of early white cabbage should be sown from the first days to the end of March. The recommended time for sowing seeds of mid-season varieties is the end of June – the first days of May. Late varieties of cabbage should be sown from late March to mid-April. Cauliflower is sown for seedlings from March 20 to mid-April.

Before you plant seedlings of cabbage in a permanent place, do not forget to let it “hang up”. If the cabbage is very dense, then the brittleness will be high.

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