Propagation of dahlias by cuttings

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As far as I know, few dahlia lovers propagate them from cuttings. And meanwhile, this is a very effective method, because, firstly, you can get more planting material, and secondly, the grade is preserved, and diseases are not transmitted. Experienced dahlia growers must use this method.

A few years ago, I brought 23 new varieties of dahlias from a well-known breeder – a dahlia breeder from Vnukovo. They were March cuttings, rooted in paper cups. They bloomed beautifully that same summer and produced good tubers.

Planting cuttings of dahlias

How to do it? When? In early spring, even at the end of February, tubers aged in potassium permanganate can be sprinkled with earth with or without sawdust, better harvested from the forest in autumn, and watered. Emerging shoots break off or cut off with a sharp knife with a heel (dip the knife after each cut in potassium permanganate). Hold the cut cuttings for 10-14 hours in a solution of heteroauxin or gumi and plant them in plastic cups. After 2 weeks, the cuttings will take root and grow. If you used heteroauxin, the cuttings will take root faster and give a more branched root system. April cuttings are considered the best.

Dahlia cuttings can be rooted as houseplants throughout the summer. Plants planted in pots or boxes in winter can be stored underground without taking the tubers out of the ground.

Features when breeding cuttings

There was a case when my friend in August had a stalk of the dahlia Violet of Montmartre she liked, which cannot but attract attention. Above a low bush, leafy from below, rather large double lilac-lilac flowers with dissected petals rise on long strong peduncles. She planted it in a pot and left it at home for the winter, since it is hardly possible to get good tubers from an August cutting. The stalk grew, but in the autumn began to die. Zinaida Georgievna cut off the top and planted it in another pot. This plant also took root and began to grow, but before the New Year, history repeated itself. But in March, the Violet of Montmartre bloomed and pleased its persistent mistress. Planted in the spring in the ground on the street, the flower bloomed well and gave healthy tubers. Of course, it took a lot of love, patience and desire to own a new variety, to leave this plant. And you also need the interest of the discoverer – and what will happen? And what a joy it is when the experience succeeds!

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