Planting and growing cabbage without seedlings

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Cabbage is my passion and my solution to the problem of providing food in our difficult time. Earlier, while I was still not seriously engaged in growing vegetables, I did not succeed in cabbage. Plants grew tall and only at the top a head of cabbage with a fist was tied somewhere. In the first year after I learned the Mittlider method, I immediately got a good harvest. I grew cabbage that year through seedlings, but it seemed to me difficult, because the conditions at home were not very suitable. And I decided to try to grow it in a seedless way.

Preparation of cabbage seeds

In late March – early April, cabbage planting begins. I calibrate the seeds by size, I do not use a fine fraction (less than 2 mm). I put the calibrated seeds in calico bags, rinse with warm running water under a tap, then put them in hot water (48-50 degrees) for 15-20 minutes, then quickly rinse with cold running water. After that, I place the seeds for 20 minutes in a one percent solution of potassium permanganate (1 g of potassium permanganate per liter of water) and rinse and dry again. The seeds are ready for sowing.

I stick the finished seeds on strips of toilet paper with a length equal to the length of the ridge. I arrange the seeds as follows: cabbage of medium ripening – after 40 cm, late – after 50 cm, three seeds in one nest. I roll the tapes with glued seeds into rolls and store them until planting. At the beginning of May, or as the weather permits, I press the grooves on the bed prepared in advance along the sides, spill them with warm water with dark pink manganese and lay ribbon strips with medium-ripening cabbage seeds – along both sides, but so that they turn out on the bed in a checkerboard pattern. For late ripening cabbage along one side. I sprinkle it with earth, lightly pressing it down with my hand so that it lies more tightly to the seeds. I cover the bed with a film on the arcs.

Growing seedlings

Further, the cultivation of cabbage is not a problem. Since the seeds begin to germinate at a low temperature, then with early planting, when the soil temperature is plus 5-10 degrees, they begin to grow in me. As soon as warm weather sets in, seedlings begin to grow very quickly. Under the film she lacks moisture. I remove extra plants, if I need to plant somewhere, carefully dig out and transplant. I feed according to the Mittlider method (3 times). To compact on the other side of the bed with late cabbage, you can plant onions on greens, dill. All this will quickly be removed, and the cabbage will grow freely. Cabbage planted in this way is less sick, it is eaten less by all sorts of fleas. I try to grow several varieties: early ones – Kazachok, Transfer; medium – Anniversary Semko, Golden Hectare, Gift; later – Kryushon, Moscow late and others. Every year I try one new variety for me.

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