Naked slugs and measures to combat them

naked slugs and measures to combat them Blog

Slugs eat many types of garden plants. There are three types of the most common naked slugs that harm garden plants: common field slug, reticulated field and brown arion. Naked slugs are very widespread. They live in the soil, under turf and rocks, in leaf litter, and in other similar places. Naked slugs prefer to settle in places with moist soil.

Harm both adults and juveniles. Naked slugs especially strongly damage clover, cabbage, rutabaga, beets, carrots, potatoes and especially shoots of winter crops in autumn, eat out oblong holes or depressions in leaves in potato tubers, in rutabaga, carrots, beets, strawberries; at shoots of winter crops they eat leaves, eat out sown grains.

Naked slugs feed at night, and during the day only in cloudy weather. With increased rainfall in summer and autumn, the following year is usually characterized by mass reproduction of naked slugs. With dry spring and high summer temperatures, the number of slugs is sharply reduced.

The slug lays about five hundred eggs in heaps in loose earth, under stones, sod, clods of earth, at the root neck. The eggs of naked slugs are oval, transparent, reminiscent of fish eggs. Slug eggs are laid during the summer and fall.

The release of juveniles from eggs in naked slugs occurs two to three weeks after laying the eggs. Sixty days after leaving the eggs, the slugs are already sexually mature. Naked slugs overwinter mainly in the egg phase.

The common field naked slug has a smooth body, yellowish-white or grayish-pink in color. Body length 30-60 mm. It lives in the forest and often in open places. A serious pest of vegetable crops.

The reticulated field naked slug has a wrinkled body, yellowish-white, light or dark gray or brown. There are many black spots or streaks on the back and mantle. The length of the slug is 50-60 mm. Harms, like the previous slug, but to a lesser extent.

The brown arion slug has a body with dense, tightly stretched skin, each side is covered with 24 rows of shallow wrinkles. The body is yellow-orange or reddish in color, brown at the back, yellowish-white towards the sole, two dark lateral stripes with fuzzy contours. Body length 50-70 mm. This species is especially widespread: in the north, these naked slugs live up to the shores of the northern seas, and in the south to Kiev and Kharkov. But the naked brown arion slug is less harmful than the previous slugs.

Measures to control naked slugs .
The fight against slugs should begin with thorough tillage, drainage of roadside ditches, ravines, puddles and other damp areas, cleaning and processing of turf and stones. Slug control is not an easy task; it requires the destruction of weeds, especially in fallow fields. Remove tops, cabbage leaves, rutabaga and other crops from the fields.

In the fight against slugs, it is effective to treat the site with ash with the addition of 25-30% lime at a dosage of 200-250 kg / ha, superphosphate – 300-600 kg / ha, spraying crops with a 10% aqueous solution with table salt. Spraying is done at night when the slug comes out to feed.

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