Mower harvesters for large agricultural enterprises

mower harvesters for large agricultural enterprises Blog

This machine is a machine for the cutting and subsequent crushing of crop tops, in particular potatoes, beets, and low-growing forage crops.

The haulm harvester is aggregated with tractors of class 1,4 – 2. The majority of modern models can be coupled both front and rear.

The best known and most used models for farmers in Russia are: BM 6, BM 6A, BM4. The principle of operation of this machine is as follows.

With a rotating beater greens are cut, shredded and dropped into an auger, which, in turn, serves the incoming to the tosser. The beater has segmented and full toothed active disc knives as well as passive gauge knives.

The beater then uses its blades to force the crop into a tube which goes into a special hopper and is then unloaded by a scraper conveyor into a transport vehicle which is moving nearby.

Conveyors, installed on such machines, are usually of the bar type. Precise paving is ensured by means of guide plates of the rotor shroud.

The haulm can also be placed in swaths. The whips of the haulm harvester are protected against stones as they can move freely in the direction of the attachment axis. Most machines have a root cleaner and electrical equipment for night work.

It is also mandatory that any topper is equipped with a reliable control system that monitors the smooth operation of the rotating units. The unit’s working parts are driven by the tractor’s PTO, and it travels on wheels.

Some models are compatible with potato harvesters and root pickers, which, as you know, greatly simplifies and speeds up harvesting.

The haulm harvesters are indispensable in large farms, because on such volumes the harvesting and processing of crop leaves is a very labor-intensive and expensive process.

On the modern market there are many different models of such units, which differ in size, power, and, accordingly, capacity, which on average is 1 – 1,6 ha per hour.

The driving speed of the mower-harvester varies from 4 to 6 km/h.

Most manufacturers guarantee up to six years of trouble-free operation of this machine, which is a good indicator in terms of economy of use of this machine.

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