If we grow beets, then only the Cylinder

if we grow beets then only the cylinder Blog

In general, I really like to grow beets. We eat it all the time in all kinds, the whole family, young and old. Especially now, when I grow vegetables on Mittlider’s narrow beds, beets of any variety of sowing work just fine.

Grade Cylinder

I often test new varieties of any plant. So I grew beets, probably, of all varieties that I could buy. For the third year now I have been planting Cylinder beets. In the first year I planted only a few seeds, I did not understand how worthy it was of other varieties. Last year, Cylinder was my main variety and I planted 2 more varieties a little for insurance, I did not quite hope for a guaranteed harvest of Cylinder. Well, this summer I didn’t deal with other varieties anymore. And the Cylinder did not let me down. For all three years I have not seen a diseased plant. All beetroots are even, as if for selection.

The Cylinder develops very interestingly: at first it grows, like other varieties, but it becomes a little larger, it begins to grow not into the ground, but up. And so he stands in the garden on his plump leg, holding on to the ground only with roots. And it holds on tight, none of them fall off. It looks especially beautiful on narrow beds along the Mittlider with a dense planting in 2 rows – just like two fences along the garden. But how much of it enters the ridge, although it grows quite large, much larger than a burgundy or a red ball.

I especially want to note its taste. The cylinder at any age is very tasty, tender and juicy, you can easily eat it right from the ridge, biting off like a turnip. We started making vegetable juices last year, because it gives much more juice than beets of other varieties.

And it is stored perfectly, does not germinate for a long time, does not flake and does not lose its juiciness. I advise everyone to grow this wonderful variety.

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