How to plant seeds for seedlings

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Growing seedlings at home before transplanting them outdoors is a good way to get a big harvest, especially in areas where summers are short. But first you need to plant the seeds correctly.

Seeds of leeks , onions and celery can be sown in seedling boxes after pre-soaking. But the seeds of tomatoes , eggplant and bell pepper are recommended to germinate first. To do this, they must be placed between layers of damp cloth at a temperature of 25 to 30 degrees. After hatching, the seeds are carefully transferred with tweezers to the seedling boxes. In this way, it is possible to avoid sowing non-viable seeds and select the most rapidly germinating.

Seeds are sown in seedling boxes in even rows. To mark the seed furrow, you can press the board with an edge into the ground. In this case, the distance between the wall of the box and the extreme groove should be one and a half to two cm, and the subsequent places at intervals take about 5 cm.

Seed size determines the depth of the furrow. If the seeds are small or medium in size, then the depth of embedding should not exceed their thickness by more than 2.5-3 times. When sowing celery seeds, you need to mix them with the soil mixture and evenly distribute them along the grooves, while you do not need to sprinkle soil on top. To sow other seeds, the soil, including grooves, is covered with peat. Celery seeds are sown 3-4 seeds per cm of furrow, onion crops – 2-3 seeds, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants – 1 seed per cm.

It is recommended to cover the soil with a waterproof and breathable soft cloth. This will allow you to water the seeds without the risk that they will float. On sale there are special non-woven translucent materials that can be used to cover those seeds that require light for germination. Before the sprouts appear, you need to water the seeds with warm water.

Germinating seeds must be provided with moisture, heat and air. To do this, it is advisable to keep seedling boxes between waterings in plastic bags inflated with air; such a mini-greenhouse will retain heat and moisture in the soil.

The above method of planting seeds allows you to grow seedlings in a short time , so it is not recommended to use it before March.

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