How and what beds can be made in the country with your own hands

how and what beds can be made in the country with your own hands Blog
Bed design

As soon as the summer resident begins to improve his garden, he can no longer be stopped. Of course, every owner wants his site to be not only well-groomed, but also to have its own uniqueness that distinguishes it from the gardens of its neighbors. How to make your site not only beautiful, but also as convenient as possible? It’s not easy to make the right choice. Especially now, when there is so much information about various types of beds and how to arrange them. You can get confused by the variety on offer.

It is worth approaching the choice of the type of future beds with all responsibility. It is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances – the terrain, the proposed crops for planting, the geometry of your site. If earlier you used only standard beds, it makes sense to redo not the entire garden at once, but only a small part of it. This will allow you to understand whether a different system of its organization is right for you and your site.

5 great ideas for creating a dream garden. 

So, you have decided that your garden lacks some kind of zest. Here are 5 of the best decorating ideas:

  1. High beds . They are easy to make with your own hands. High beds of different configurations can make the site unique. In addition, they are very comfortable. First of all, a high bed is always a warm bed. It allows you to protect the root system of plants from the cold. And if you wish, you can make compost from any high bed. Its sides can be used as a bench when cultivating the land. This is another plus in favor of such a bed.beds
  2. Lazy beds . No, these are not at all those beds that do not bring a crop. They are called lazy because their arrangement does not take much time, and the result of their use is very effective. A lazy bed is a piece of land enclosed by walls (usually wooden).
    If the walls are dug deep enough, they are able to protect the bed from the roots of weeds. For example, creeping wheat grass has a very branched root system that can spread throughout the site. In addition, you can sit down on the high wall of the lazy garden if you wish. This can be especially important for people with a sore back or joints.beds
    However, such beds have a rather prosaic appearance. The gardener will have to sweat to give them originality. It is worth trying to experiment with the shape of the bed or think about how you can decorate its sides.
  3. Round beds . Know-how for our summer residents. We are accustomed to round flower beds, they can be found almost everywhere. However, round beds are new to us. Of course, they look very impressive. But, unfortunately, not very suitable for small areas. Round beds in the garden will fit a little less than standard rectangular ones. And here the owner has to choose what is more important to him – the decor of the garden or the size of the landing area.beds
  4. Beds in the English style. This way of designing a garden is gaining more and more popularity among our summer residents. The site is created in the style of “ordered chaos”. Trees, ornamentals and vegetables are planted together. There are no distinctions between them. The garden and vegetable garden are not divided into zones.
    However, when planting a garden in this style, it is important to know how certain types of plants affect others. It is necessary to carefully study which cultures take root together. For beds in the English style, regular maintenance is very important. Without it, the garden will quickly take on a neglected look.beds
  5. French ornamental garden . The beds planted in the French style are characterized by clear geometric shapes. Symmetry in placement is extremely welcome.
    Alternation of beds with vegetables and flower beds is allowed. The beds can be completely different – high, low, round. But all of them must be combined into one harmonious composition.Garden

Garden design for lovers.

So how do you create the garden of your dreams? To get started, you need a clear plan. Consider first of all the relief of your site. Of course, a perfectly flat garden is easier to divide into zones and process in the future. However, if the site is located on a slope , this gives its owner additional opportunities for creativity. In such a garden, various slides of stones look good. Maybe the summer resident will even decide on the arrangement of a small waterfall.

If the garden is laid out on a slope, choose high beds. They will allow you to form a series of steps placed at different levels. In combination with flower beds, such a site will look very attractive.

Lazy beds are well suited for those vegetable crops that really have to be processed a lot. This way of organizing the site will allow you to take care of it as conveniently as possible.

However, if you are planting spices or medicinal herbs, you will not need a large bed. In this case, the ideal choice would be a round or vertical ridge. Although their useful area is not at all large, they can be approached from any side, and this is convenient.

Moreover, they look very neat. Perhaps a well-organized apothecary garden will be a real decoration of the entire site.

How to arrange round beds.

Many people know how to organize a lazy or high garden bed. But not everyone can create a round garden.


They are not at all difficult to make. At the place designated for this, the future boundaries of the ridge are outlined. A stake is driven into the center of the circle. Its dimensions depend on the height of the landings. Usually it is made from 150 to 200 cm. The stake will subsequently serve as a garter for plants.

Low pegs are driven in around the circumference. They are necessary to maintain the fence, as well as to fix the film material. A film sleeve is stretched over these pegs. In the future, it will help protect plants from sudden temperature changes. The sleeve straightens and securely fastens on pegs.

It is best to place organic raw materials at the base of the bed – that is, turn the bed into compost. After the flower bed is covered with soil.

Then the owner can think about decorating it. Elegant bumpers can be created from anything. However, if you use wood for them, you should take care of its processing.

The problem is that when watering, the wooden sides do not have time to dry out and begin to rot. Accordingly, they need to be replaced with new ones. These are extra costs that can be avoided. It is enough to treat the boards with a protective impregnation. For example, by means of Senezh or Pinotex. Impregnations of these companies are easy to find in stores. In addition, they have performed well over the past few years. In extreme cases, you can paint the boards with oil paint. However, this method is not as efficient. Oil paint peels off quickly and does not protect well from decay. Special impregnations are often enough for several years.

In any case, each owner must decide for himself how to make his site even more attractive and which beds he should choose.

What is your opinion? What planting method will allow you to grow a really good crop? What kind of beds will turn the garden into a real work of art?

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