Growing garden strawberry seedlings

growing garden strawberry seedlings Blog

Many gardeners complain that they cannot manage seedlings of remontant, mustacheless varieties of garden strawberries such as: Alexandria, Superim, etc. Of course, April is not the best time for such plantings, you need to spend them in the first ten days of March, but you can also plant in April. The only thing you risk is that you will not get a bountiful harvest in the first year, although you will have time to try the berries on individual bushes.

For sowing, we take plastic jars of mayonnaise, if there are a lot of seeds, you can take a container from under the family ice cream. Along the perimeter of the bottom of the container, I make holes with an awl for the drainage of excess water and irrigation by immersion. I fill the box with potting soil and sow strawberry seeds. I cover the seeds from above with river sand with a layer of 2-3 mm, no more, a lump of snow on top. When the snow melts, I cover the container with a piece of plastic wrap and put it away from the radiator and shade it from direct sunlight, the best temperature is 16-18 ° C.

The film needs to be removed for half an hour daily. Seedlings appear in 7-8 days. Watering is done only from the bottom, i.e. the container is lowered into a vessel with water and through the holes in the bottom the soil is saturated with moisture. You cannot water from above. In the phase of three true leaves, the film can be removed and the seedlings can be sorted out less often in an additional container. When five leaves appear on the plant, the seedlings can be planted in the garden bed. That’s all the tricks.

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