From a bad seed don’t expect a good tribe

from a bad seed dont expect a good tribe Blog

You have already purchased new seeds and would like to get a good harvest.

Seeds of cucumbers , tomatoes and many others must be prepared before planting.

First of all, they need to be sorted, for tomato seeds, in this case, water is required. We remove the seeds that have surfaced without regret, they are empty.

The rest of the seeds must be heat-treated. To do this, you need to put a bag of seeds on a warm battery, if it is hot, then put a cardboard box under the seeds.

Now you should disinfect the heat-treated seeds. Dilute the potassium permanganate to a purple color, dip the seeds into it, rinse them with warm water after 30 minutes, and then dry them.

How to increase productivity? Greenhouse cucumbers are best, the yield reaches 60 kg.
The treatment of seeds with microelements also helps.

Seeds cannot be germinated on wet gauze. Sprouts hatch in 4-5 days.

Transplanting is a big trauma for seedlings. We will wait a long time for the first cucumber, and even with such a transplant, do not expect a large harvest.

For a good harvest, we make a container with a hole, it is best to use an egg container. Next, we make the ground. For cucumbers, humus is best suited with the addition of 1 dose of sand for drainage and 2 tablespoons of ash as a substrate for cucumbers. Water the drainage with water, create a warm swamp.

We plant the seeds 1 grain at a time, stretch the film and create a “bathhouse” for 12 hours.

Cucumbers look like a tropical plant. There is one secret: you can sow cucumbers only at 6 pm, and not when you want. Then, for an hour, 5 days in a row, from 6-7 pm, we highlight the cucumbers with blue light. You can use an ultraviolet lamp, or simply put blue paper on top of the film.

Water every day, gently, only with melt water, adding 2 drops of hydrogen peroxide to it. 1 teaspoon per day to water each cell of our greenhouse, cover again with a film, and then put it near the window, where there is a lot of light.

When the transplant time comes, the grown seedlings, right in the cells, are transplanted into the ground.

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