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Two tools are constantly in the gardener’s pocket: a knife and a pruner. The cutting quality of the latter depends on its maintenance. We present you a short overview – how to care for your secateurs in order to extend its life.

Garden pruner care and maintenance

pruner blade sharpening

What materials will be needed:

  • cotton swab;
  • disinfectant;
  • millstone or grindstone;
  • flat key;
  • lubricating oil

Clean and sanitize your pruner blades after each use with a cotton swab dipped in bleach or burning alcohol.
If you don’t use your pruner for several weeks, apply lubricant to the blades to protect them from corrosion.

Clear Blades

cleaning pruner blades

The blades are contaminated with plant sap, which sticks to them, resulting in poor cutting. In addition, when in contact with a diseased plant, they can transmit parasites. Clean them with a cotton swab dipped in disinfectant.

Sharpening the movable blade

sector blade sharpening

Sharpening is done with a grinding wheel or whetstone. Just sharpen a blade that is in motion and stick to the angle specified by the manufacturer. If the opening of the pruner is not wide, disassemble the blade. Replace it when it is too damaged.

When dismantling, check the condition of the spring

dismantling pruner blades

To do this, pay attention to the model of your pruner to buy the appropriate part. Remove the tool to check the return spring tension. If it is too loose, install a new spring.

Check blade clamp

checking the clip of the pruner blades

Also check the blade clamp on the counter blade. Use the wrench to lightly tighten. To check if everything is in order, take a sheet of paper and cut it. It should not slide between two blades. Otherwise, when pruning, you risk leaving shreds of bark.

Lubricate the hinge parts

secateurs lubricant

Finally, pour a few drops of oil on the hinged parts of the pruner so that it opens or closes without blocking. Store the tool in a dry and ventilated place, protected from moisture to prevent rust on the blades.

Good luck with your gardening when pruning trees!

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