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White cabbage has long become one of the main vitamin products on our tables. And if you have your own personal plot, it would be a sin not to take the opportunity to grow a small amount of this useful vegetable in your beds.

The main component of cabbage success is correctly selected varieties. Many summer residents have already appreciated many varieties of kaput and have chosen the most delicious, favorite and fruitful ones for themselves. Note that it makes no sense to recommend the same varieties for all types of soils. Choose those varieties that suit your site, and not those that are recommended to plant on the forums.

White cabbage varieties

We have already talked about which varieties of cabbage should be chosen for your site. Recall that there must be at least two types of different ripening periods. What varieties should a novice summer resident choose?

You need to choose cabbage varieties taking into account your needs and purpose. If you eat a lot of this vegetable, then there is a reason to make sure that it does not disappear from your table all year round.

Early varieties of white cabbage

Early cabbage forms small loose heads of cabbage. It is ideal for cooking cabbage soup, fresh salads, stews and stews. Delicious cabbage rolls cannot be made from it – the leaf is too thin and delicate. Early cabbage cannot be stored: it withers quickly, begins to taste bitter and rot. You will not be able to keep vegetables in the garden for a long time either: when overripe, early varieties burst, so cabbage seedlings need to be sown in several stages so that the crop ripens gradually, in small groups, and not in bulk.

Another important feature is that the yield of early cabbage is quite low, and therefore summer residents always plant a very small number of plants in order to provide their family with early vegetables.

Sauerkraut is obtained from early varieties, but not as tasty as from later varieties.

Practice shows that it can take more than one year before you find the ideal varieties of cabbage for your summer cottage. Yields are affected by weather conditions, soil quality and many other factors. However, there are varieties that are almost universal. These are “Gift”, “June”, “Golden Hectare”. The yield is not very high and rarely exceeds 6 kg per square meter. But what else can you expect from an early cabbage with loose heads of cabbage? From the moment of emergence of seedlings to the technical maturity of the fruit, it takes 90-100 days.

variety of cabbage GiftCabbage variety “Gift” is very popular among domestic summer residents and gardeners. Her taste is excellent, the yield is high, and the variety itself is not whimsical.

One of the biggest disadvantages of early cabbage is its high cracking rate. As soon as the fruit begins to overripe, it bursts and deteriorates. Ripe cabbage should be removed within 3-4 weeks. If you do not have time to remove it in time, you risk being left without a healthy vegetable. The second unpleasant feature of early varieties is their tendency to the so-called flowering, when a stem is formed instead of a head of cabbage. Most often, the reason for this behavior of cabbage is the landing at the wrong time or a protracted spring. If more than 6-7 true leaves have formed on the seedlings, you can safely throw it away – only there will be a place to practice in the beds.

Early varieties are not suitable for storage for the winter. It is they who are most often affected by the keel – root growths, which some summer residents call a hernia.

Let us now tell you a little more about the popular varieties of cabbage of the early ripening period.

“Number one mushroom 147” can ripen in June, but only on condition that the plants were planted in the soil no later than the end of April. Most often, they begin to cut this cabbage at the beginning of July. Then it appears in large quantities in stores. It is easy to grow cabbage of this variety – it is not whimsical, but if the acidity of the soil is too high, then the plants are affected by the keel. The sizes of heads of cabbage reach 1-1.5 kg.

June cabbage from the moment of planting in the ground gives the first harvest in 50-55 days. Heads of cabbage can reach 1.5 kg in size. It is well stored, and therefore cabbage of this variety can often be seen in markets and in stores. Good taste, no bitterness.

Early Dietmar cabbage is planted less frequently today than before. The reason is the high cracking of the fruit, but at the same time its keeping quality is high. Heads of cabbage are dense, weighing about 1.5 kg each. By the way, “Ditmarskaya early” is one of the few varieties of early cabbage that is suitable for making stuffed cabbage and pickling.

Cabbage “Early ripening” is in many ways similar to “June”, but ripening a little longer.

Mid-season varieties of white cabbage

The growing season of mid-season cabbage varieties is 115-150 days from the moment of entry or 85-120 days from planting seedlings in the ground. Seedlings are grown in open ground, not whimsical, viable. Many summer residents grow mid-season varieties using the seedless method. The seeds are sown one at a time in the holes and remain there until the fruits ripen. For economic purposes, mid-season varieties can be used with equal success both for fermentation and harvesting for the winter, and for winter storage. If good conditions are created, the harvest can be stored until February.

Let’s start the story about the varieties with the cabbage variety “Gift”. It is versatile in use, it can be planted both in early spring and for ripening in summer. It is stored for 4-5 months. The plant forms a rosette rather large, spreading. The leaves have a waxy coating, which gives the heads of cabbage a bluish tint. Heads of cabbage can weigh up to 3.5 kg. Sometimes more. 

Stakhanovka 1513 is another popular mid-season variety. The mass of the heads of cabbage reaches 2.5 kilograms. The density is average, which is very convenient for cooking, for example, stuffed cabbage – the leaves will be separated easily. If favorable conditions are created for the plants, then you can count on 5-kg heads of cabbage.

Slava Gribovskaya 231 is a variety that loves light soils. Round-shaped heads of cabbage can grow up to 2-3 kilograms. Ripens in 100-110 days. In some cases, summer residents plant this variety later to be consumed fresh until the end of autumn.

Slava 1305 is 15 days behind Slava Gribovskaya in terms of ripening, but its yield is higher, the heads of cabbage are not prone to cracking. However, the variety is poorly stored. The head mass reaches 3-6 kilograms. Great for fermentation and preparation for the winter.

Cabbage variety “Belorusskaya 455” is considered a mid-season variety, but its lightness is worthy of all praise. This is partly due to the fact that the head of cabbage has a very short inner stump. This allows you to sell this cabbage until the middle of winter! The mass reaches 3 kg.

The mid-season cabbage variety “Nadezhda” is also preserved until the middle of winter.

Late-ripening varieties of white cabbage

The growing season for late-ripening cabbage varieties exceeds 150 days. When growing seedlings on your own, you should take care of insulation in advance in the first weeks of growth. Late-ripening cabbage varieties are the most productive. They are ideally stored in basements and are well suited for pickling and canning.

Cabbage varieties for winter storage are presented in large quantities in our markets.

Moscow late 15 is a popular and demanded variety among summer residents. The heads of cabbage are very large. Probably the largest of all known varieties. They can reach 18 kg in weight, and therefore such cabbage does not work for the preparation of salads every day, but salting or canning is an ideal solution for such giants. On average, each head of cabbage weighs from 4 to 8 kg. It is inconvenient to transport and store the variety – there will be a lot of waste.

Wintering 1474 is considered the most mature of all domestic varieties of cabbage. Heads of cabbage are stored for up to 8 months. The vegetables are round, large, and weigh about 4 kg on average. The taste is better after several months of storage.

The very popular Amager 611 can be stored for about 6 months. Taste in the first months leaves much to be desired: a distinct bitterness is felt, especially in the hard part of the leaf. That is why cabbage of this variety is not used for making fresh salads, pickling or pickling. But in hot dishes it is perfect! The average weight of cabbages is 3 kg.

Kilo-resistant varieties of white cabbage

kilo-resistant cabbage varietiesWhen the acidity of the soil on the site is very high, many varieties of cabbage begin to suffer from keel. These are large growths on the roots that slow down the growth of plants and prevent them from producing a good harvest. To the delight of summer residents, varieties resistant to this disease have already been bred. Of course, they are not 100% protected from the disease, but they are ten times more resistant to it.

The causative agent of the keel is in the soil. This is a unicellular fungus that is the causative agent. The following varieties are resistant to keel formation: Ladozhskaya 22 (mid-ripening), Losinoostrovskaya 8 (mid-late), Zimnyaya Gribovskaya 13 (mid-late).

You will see the most popular varieties of cabbage with a photo with a supply conveyor. On it, we indicated the most popular varieties and the timing of their delivery to stores. On the beds, they appear at about the same time.

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