Brown spot and tomato rot

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Signs of brown spot

In years with very high humidity, tomatoes and potatoes are particularly susceptible to these diseases. Brown spotting in tomatoes begins with the appearance of first greenish and then turning brown spots on the leaves. At the same time, the underside of the leaves is covered with a gray coating of mold, and brown depressed areas and rot penetrate deeply into the pulp are formed on the fruits. In potatoes, with this disease, red-brown rot forms under the skin of the tubers.

What to treat? Brown spot control methods

Folk methods : weekly spraying of tomatoes with a decoction of rhubarb. To do this, rhubarb leaves are crushed, poured with hot water, insisted for several hours and filtered.

Chemical methods : spraying tomatoes with polychol or polycarbocin – 40 g per 10 l of water or oxychome – 2 tablets per 10 l of water when the first signs of the disease appear, after 10-12 days the treatment is repeated. Potatoes are treated with the same preparations.

Prevention : growing tomatoes protected from rain and away from potato plantings. Leaves located close to the ground are cultivated, and the soil is mulched over the plants. Brown rot resistant varieties should be preferred.

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